Boardwork Explanation Video: Present Simple / Continuous

Here I can include the video explanation of the grammar. There can be a boardwork recap in text form on the quiz page that users can access as they do the quiz. It will be the same as I use for the walkthrough explanation in the video.

The boardwork explanation video should be split screen:

  1. Camera of me: Sat at a desk with computer talking through the explanation and adding more info looking at the camera
  2. Screen Recorder: Recording of my computer screen as I work through the boardwork. This will be the Boardwork page for the grammar topic as it appears for the Teaching Teachers course (heading, form, use, examples), but I will talk through it in a way suitable for students

Above: normal video uploaded from computer

Below: Youtube video link. Could use Now!Prof youtube channel and link to protected content so that it is not available to all for free via youtube.

VIdeo could be from Now!Prof Youtube account or other video platform where I can keep videos without them becoming available for everyonbe to view directly though youtube or other platform. This may help to keep site light.

Other option is to upload the video directly onto the site, but I think that this will make the site extremely heavy and I would need to purchase hosting that could support a site of unlimited size which would be expensive.